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urlwatch.org is now ChangeDetect.

Let urlwatch save you time and money surfing the internet looking for updated pages on your favourite web sites. Just sign up here for our service, and we will stop by and review your page(s) daily, and then send you an e-mail message once each day listing the URL's that have be modified during the previous twenty-four hour period.

What better way to maximize the effectiveness of your web surfing?

So how much does this cost? Well, it's FREE. No user fees, no subscription charges. No obligation. You can cancel at any time -- but you won't want to cancel once you see how easy and convenient it is to sign up and start receiving your URLWatch messages.

URL Watch -- the new way to surf!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is URLWatch? :: URLWatch is a service that automatically visits each of your favorite web pages every day and then notifies you by email when your pages have been updated.

How much does URLWatch cost for someone surfing the web? :: Nothing. Nadda. Nil. It's free.

How do I register a page with URLWatch? :: Use our Sign Up Form, enter your email address, a password, and a list of favourite URLS. Submit the form to us, and you'll begin receiving your notification messages.

How often will I receive an URL Watch email message? :: No more than once per day, usually between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. Eastern Time, USA. You'll ONLY receive a message if one or more of your favourite pages is updated during the previous twenty-four hour period.

I'm receiving more than one message each day -- why? :: It's likely that you registered for URLWatch locally on different web sites and/or our main URLWatch site here. We have several sites that maintain their own visitor database that is separate and unique from other URLWatch databases. Sites containing the URLWatch signup form will result in a separate email from that particular site, at the interval that the site administrator has chosen for updates.

I signed up for some URLs already. How do I add another? :: Simply go to the Sign Up form, enter your email address and URL. Any new URLs will be added to your existing list.

How do I modify the URL's that I am currently getting notifications about? :: First, determine where you signed up for the URL's and return to THAT SITE for modifications. Enter your email address and most recent Pass ID (you receive a unique one in each URLWatch message) and then you may modify the list of URLs by placing a check mark on any you wish to delete.

How do I unsubscribe from the URLWatch service? :: Use the modification form on the site where you originally signed up (your most recent notification message will provide the proper URL for the modification form). Enter your email address, most recent Pass ID, and place a check mark next to all URLs for which you are subscribed. If you delete all URLs, you will be automatically removed from the URLWatch service.

Am I going to get bombarded with SPAM mail? :: Not as a result of the URLWatch service. Our only goal is to notify you of changes to your favorite sites, and we won't be sending you any SPAM mail. Nor will we be selling your names to anyone else.

Can I include URLWatch on my site? :: Yes. Use Innovative Web Communications as your web host provider because URLWatch is a FREE service for their customers.

urlwatch.org is now ChangeDetect - web page monitoring.